10yrs in Business sponsoring the 10th Parachute Memorial Garden

10th Parachute Memorial Garden, Burrough On The Hill, Leicestershire

10th Parachute Memorial Garden - Burrough On The Hill grounds of the Matt Hampson Trust

As part of our charitable support this year we have designed and will be constructing the memorial garden which will enhance the sculpture to The 10th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment who were based in the villages of Somerby, Burrough On The Hill and Thorpe Satchville in 1944.

This memorial sited adjacent to The Matt Hampson Foundation, Burrough Court, Leicestershire, remembers the 582 men of the 10th Battalion who dropped by parachute into the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944 - some two weeks later only 36 returned.

As a company, we are donating part of the labour and materials on this project. If anyone is interested in sponsoring or supplying donations of materials in support of this wonderful memorial please get in touch

The garden will consist of Breedon gravel pathways winding through wild flower meadows, poppy fields with a sculpture as the focal point with views stretching beyond for contemplation time of the parachute regiment who lost their lives in the WW2. David Austin are creating and growing a rose which represents the colour of the regiment.

The build will be completed by the beginning of September in preparation for the grand opening, we would be really grateful if you can offer any support small or large.

A huge thanks to Chris Cooper-Hayes for supplying the 3d image of our design

It was a pleasure to meet with Anna Baker-Cresswell, Jayne Taylor and Andy Wright today of Highground - life beyond the military outdoors @highgroundboss www.highground-uk.org at DMRC Stanford Hall to discuss the planting and maintenance of this project